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About Primal Evolution

Primal Evolution as a guild has as our primary goal to gather a team of easygoing people who, in a friendly atmosphere, can have some fun in WoW and at the same time do some serious raiding without being glued to the screen 24/7.
We want people who are mature and friendly, pref 18+.
We expect you to take the raiding seriously.
If you want join the fun, feel free to apply.
Make sure you step by the forum and read more about our rules before joining.

We currently have 10 man raids going Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 21.00-00.00 game time.


We're currently looking for raid ready people for our weekly raids.

Ideally you will have an average ilvl of above 630 (pve gear) with all the best enchants/gems/glyphs on them. Having previous raid experience is also a big plus. Please note that this does not include LFR. Don't bother applying if you intend to raid less than 3 nights a week.

Take a look at yourself on the armory and apart from the odd engineering tinker missing, we don't want people who don't pass the audit!

The classes we're primarly looking for are the ones listed to the left in the margin.



Exceptional players of every class are always welcome to apply

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